Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver course is your first step into the world of diving.

The explanations of your ISDA Instructor, your textbook, the videos and the quizzes you will find in each chapter will help you easily learn the fundamentals of going underwater with a scuba unit.

You will learn how water pressure affects our body, how to communicate with your dive buddy and how to use the equipment.

The course

The practical exercises will gradually lead you to become familiar with the equipment and with being underwater; sooner than you imagine you will find yourself “flying” in the water, feeling light and serene, master of the newly discovered “Planet Sea”.

With the Open Water Diver certification you can dive all over the world, even as a beginner and up to a maximum depth of 18 metres.

  • At least 15 years old
  • Good swimming skills
  • Medical statement
  • Written authorization from parent if less then 18 years old

This course is available on ISDA e-Learning.

You can access:

  • downloading ISDA e-learning APP
  • via browser, at

Your Instructor will give you the code to access your studying materials: manual, review quizzes, videos and insights (if part of the course).

  • Five knowledge sessions
  • Five skills sessions in confined waters
  • Four dives in open water (skills and fun)
  • Final exam
Once you have passed the exam and acquired all the skills of the course, you will obtain the certification as  Open Water Diver. You can present it in diving centers all over the world for guided dives down to a depth of -18m.
If you want to complete your basic training and have the opportunity to explore seabeds and coral reefs up to 30 meters, experience the thrill of diving at night or explore fascinating wrecks, proceed immediately with the Advanced Open Water Diver course.