Learning with ISDA is Simple & Safe


Studying online with your instructor is always easier. ISDA e-learning is accessible online at www.isdaelearning.com or by downloading the ISDA E-learning app.
Log in to your class with the unique code that the instructor gives you. You can watch videos, read the manual, download .pdf, take a review quiz, chat with your instructor, plan the next lessons.


We know, if the passion for diving takes us, we will have a life – exciting, full of encounters, adventures and … knowledge. The desire for adventure goes hand in hand with the desire to continually learn new things.

ISDA follows the diver in his adventures and passions, as well as in his desire to know.

Enter the wheel of underwater improvement and discover the best part of you.

1 – STUDY, with videos, manuals, review quizzes. All digitally, always with you, always at hand.
2 – Talk to your INSTRUCTOR and consolidate the new knowledge.
3 – With the guidance of the instructor, do the PRACTICAL EXERCISES and repeat them until they are automatic.
4 – Put into practice what you have learned and MAKE NEW EXPERIENCES, to improve yourself, to have fun and to keep the curiosity alive to see and learn new things.
5 – New experiences bring new curiosities. DISCOVER all the wonderful activities you can practice while diving while continuing your training with the a new ISDA program.

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