Learning with ISDA is Simple & Safe


Studying online with your instructor is always easier. ISDA e-learning is accessible online at www.isdaelearning.com or by downloading the ISDA E-learning app.
Log in to your class with the unique code that the instructor gives you. You can watch videos, read the manual, download .pdf, take a review quiz, chat with your instructor, plan the next lessons.


Can’t wait to start your diving course?

Or you’re planning to do it on your next vacation, but once there you just want to have fun and do the water part?

You can start today and have all the theory classes before leaving!

With ISDA it’s very simple: go to the page of the course you want to take. If there is the “START NOW” symbol, you can register immediately and start your new adventure today.
You will have immediate access to all course materials (manuals, videos, quizzes, insights) on the e-learning platform and you can start lessons both in self-study mode and online with your instructor.

Then you will complete the practical part directly with your instructor.

How to do it?
  1. On the course page, click on the location, among those participating, where you want to complete the water part.
  2. Proceed with the purchase (you will only be asked for a deposit). On the invoice you will receive the unique code to access your materials on the ISDA e-learning platform and all the contacts of your instructor.
  3. Open the manual on the ISDA e-learning app, and.. have fun!

The courses available with the “START NOW” formula are:

  • Jt. Open Water Diver
  • Open Water Diver
  • Nitrox Diver


We know that, if the passion for diving takes us, we will have an exciting life full of encounters, adventures and… knowledge. The desire for adventure goes hand in hand with the desire to continually learn new things.

ISDA follows the diver in his adventures and passions, as well as in his desire to know.

Enter the wheel of underwater improvement and discover the best part of you.

1 – STUDY, with videos, manuals, review quizzes. All digitally, always with you, always at hand.
2 – Talk to your INSTRUCTOR and consolidate the new knowledge.
3 – With the guidance of the instructor, do the PRACTICAL EXERCISES and repeat them until they are automatic.
4 – Put into practice what you have learned and MAKE NEW EXPERIENCES, to improve yourself, to have fun and to keep the curiosity alive to see and learn new things.
5 – New experiences bring new curiosities. DISCOVER all the wonderful activities you can practice while diving while continuing your training with the a new ISDA program.


Some courses are in high demand and therefore, for these, we have prepared a page with all the information.

Course description, images, program, faq and…

…and you will also see some icons.

Let’s get to know them:

Scuba diving is not just fun and entertainment, it can also be a job!

You can work in the world of diving and freediving or get ready for other exciting jobs.

Some examples?
  • Courses you can work with in the diving world: Dive Guide, Divemaster and all higher levels. Also in freediving: Assistant Instructor, 1st level Instructor and higher levels.
  • Courses that provide you with professional level preparation and help you enter the field you love: Civil Protection Diver, Scientific Underwater Operator, Lifeguard, Archeology Diver, Marine Biology.
  • All the courses indicated above are also good for young people to make a “curriculum”. In any working field you operate, presenting additional professional qualifications can be a winning business card. But there are other courses that give this possibility, for example BLS-D, Oxygen Provider, First Aid, Use of Breathing Air Compressors, Diving Knowledge.
  • In addition, some courses expressly score in public and military competitions, such as the Open Water Diver course and the BLS-D.

Our Ranger shows you all the Green Wave courses.

But there is more.
Are you ready to become an ISDA Ranger too?

Earn the official title of ISDA RANGER and help save the sea!

Here’s how:

  1. Take 3 ISDA Green Wave courses chosen – indicated with the Ranger frog on the course page, or listed on the Green Wave Project page
  2. Participate in an ISDA training camp or in a seabed cleaning (it doesn’t matter if it is not organized by ISDA, the important is to contribute to the health of the sea!)
  3. Send us an email to info@isdaworld.com with your data, a photo of you during the cleaning or the training camp and the name of the courses you have taken. You will receive the official ISDA RANGER badge and diploma with your name on it.

Studying on the ISDA e-learning platform is simple and fun.

You can access both from the APP and from www.isdaelearning.com. You will always have your manuals, videos, refresher quizzes and patents already obtained with you. You can also download attachments, access in-depth content and read your manuals in other languages.

Also, your Instructor can check your progress, you can chat with him and share files.

Can’t wait to start your next adventure right away?

You can do it with courses marked with this symbol. Is simple:

  1. Buy the course at the link you find on the page
  2. Download the app, register and open your manual. You can start learning right away with manuals in different languages, videos and review quizzes.
  3. Contact your instructor to complete the theory and… go in the water!

Children and teenagers are the future of diving.

They will live a thousand adventures, discover new depths and make this wonderful sport evolve.

So, come on to the little ones!!!

The symbol of our Froggy Diver indicates that the course can also be attended by Juniors – or that it was created just for them!

Not all diving courses are held… in the water.

Some courses aim to broaden your theoretical knowledge, in order to become a more aware and responsible diver. They may include practice sessions, but these will be “dry”, not in the water (this is why we have chosen a hair-dyer to highlight you these courses!).

ISDA is an Italian agency and all manuals are in Italian. However, most are also available in several other languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

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