ISDA is completely certified and operates in the entire world


ISDA is present in over a dozen countries, with regional managers in Italy, Thailand, Spain, Egypt, Dominican Republic.


Learning with ISDA is Simple and Safe. Your learning experience is personalized and fits on your purposes and dreams.


Learning with ISDA is Simple and Safe. Your learning experience is personalized and fits on your purposes and dreams.

Want to become an ISDA professional or represent ISDA in your country?



For all programs, ISDA issues certification card and diploma. Courses comply with international regulations ISO (International Standards of Organization) and EN (Comité Européen de Normalisation).

ISDA is also certified by:

  • EUF – European Underwater Federation
  • CMAS – Confédération mondiale des activités subaquatiques
  • DAN – Divers Alert Network
  • SIMSI – Italian Society of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine
  • UNITER – Italian National Unification Body (Italy)
  • CDWS – Chamber of Diving and Underwater Sports (Egypt)
  • ABNT – Brazilian Association for Technical Standards (Brasil)
  • URSA – Unidad Rescate y Salvamento Aquatico (Dominican Republic)
  • ERRC – Emergency Response Rescue Corps (Malta)

You may work with one of our Regional Manager or TCC Instructor Trainers around the world.

Sure, ISDA is structured to support you and your work anywhere you want to teach. From getting teaching materials to releasing certifications, from your own training to the organization of courses, you’re supported either from headquartes and from the closest regional manager.

Yes, although you have to be approved and trained by headquarters.

Yes. In many countries, for all Instructors that certify at least 25 diving courses during the year, the affiliation fee for the following year is 50% off. And for those that certify 50 or more diving courses, the affiliation is FREE. Check with your Regional anager of contact Hadquarters to now if it applies in your country.

The wellness of oceans and seas, and of all creatures is really important for us. It has always been, even before all this talking about environments. GREEN WAVE PROJECT as founded together with ISDA and since the very beginning ISDA organizes courses, conferences / webinars, camps, seabed clean-ups, coral restoration and, in these last three years, reforestation of Posidonia oceanica.

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