Advanced OWD

ISDA Advanced Open Water Diver course represents the completion of the basic preparation of the diver and a first step towards being a complete diver. In this course you will acquire new skills and knowledge, in 5 different specialties.

The Course

Underwater navigation with compass and Deep Dive are two mandatory specialties for this course. You may choose, together with your instructor, the other three specialties among: Wreck Dive, Buoyancy Control, Naturalistic Dive, Search & Recovery, Night Dive and others.

After completing your Advanced OWD course, if you enjoyed these dives, you may deepen your knowledge and practice with ISDA Specialty courses. There are many to choos from, all of them fun and interesting: all those you saw in the Advanced course and also Action Cam, Coral Reef Biology, ISDA ranger, Dry Suit, Underwater Archaeology, Nitrox Diver, Boat Dive, Cavern Dive, Deco Diver 40 and more.

Kids under 15 years old may access the Advanced OWD course too. The minimum age is 12.

  • Avere compito 18 anni
  • Avere il brevetto allievo Sea Mermaid
  • Avere i brevetti operatore BLS-D e Oxygen Provider, in corso di validità

This course is available on ISDA e-Learning.

You can access:

  • downloading ISDA e-learning APP
  • via browser, at

Your Instructor will give you the code to access your studying materials: manual, review quizzes, videos and insights (if part of the course).

E’ dedicato a chi, pur dimostrando buona conoscenza di base del mermaiding e predisposizione all’insegnamento, non ha seguito un corso di formazione professionale ISDA o Apnea Italia Agency (es. Divemaster ISDA, Assistenti Istruttore AIA, crossover da altre agenzie o esperti di Mermaiding anche non provenienti da altra agenzia).

Brevetto internazionale
Puoi viaggiare, fare tante esperienze, scoprire nuovi mari, approfondire i tuoi interessi e scoprirne di nuovi.