First Aid

The course is not mandatory in the ISDA educational iter, but it is very useful, complete and interesting. From contact with fire coral to animal bites, from sunstroke to fractures. How to intervene?

The Course

Apart from cases of self-help, it has been demonstrated that a timely intervention of assistance, the so-called “Golden Period” (intervention carried out within five minutes of the traumatic event), can in some cases constitute the difference between the life and death of the subject.

Everybody can take this course

This course is available on ISDA e-Learning.

You can access:

  • downloading ISDA e-learning APP
  • via browser, at

Your Instructor will give you the code to access your studying materials: manual, review quizzes, videos and insights (if part of the course).

These are not scuba diving courses and you do not need to be a scuba diver to attend a First Aid course.

Instead, it is necessary to attend them in order to become expert and responsible divers; the BLS-D and the OXYGEN PROVIDER are in fact included as mandatory in the ARA educational paths.

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