Everybody can discover the underwater world. ISDA Snorkelling and Skin Diver courses can bring you to get familiar with free diving gear and simple though safe techniques.
With simple exercises you will gradually enter the underwater world, see new species, experience the “Sea Planet”.
Remember to ask your Instructor about ISDA Naturalist Diver course. You may choose between Mediterranean Sea or Coral Reefs around the world: biology, fun facts, tens of identification charts and more. Make your vacation unforgettable.

In most seas around the world, you can just wear mask and fins to discover the beauties of the underwater world with its amazing flora and fauna. But is it really enough to wear mask and fins and go?

Snorkelling is an activity that requires attention and could hide some difficulties. For this reason it’s always better, especially when we’re abroad or in vacation, to snorkel with a certified Snorkelling Guide or a Divemaster. They can look over and help you, but also show you the beauties of the place and provide explanations.What if you’re alone, without a guide?

ISDA Snorkelling course will teach you how to enjoy better your adventure. You will learn to recognize basic species, to use and deal with your equipment, to prevent any problem may occur to you or your friends.

Your experience will be fun and safe!

In ISDA Skin Diver course you’ll learn all the fundamentals taught in the Snorkelling course. In addition to that, you will now start using easy free diving techniques. An exciting way to get more in contact with the underwater world you just discovered.

The ISDA Snorkeling Guide, is a professional able to organize, lead and manage snorkeling excursions.Capable to organize a group and give them all information on local flora and fauna, the ISDA Snorkeling Guide is trained on all local rules and ready to handle occasional situations of emergencies, as a close encounter with a fire coral or a sickness or any other inconvenience. A guarantee of safety, to live the experience of a snorkeling excursion in the best possible way. The ISDA Snorkeling guide course is internationally recognized by CDWS who is the Egyptian Authority for the Snorkeling Guide in the area of Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh.