Deco DMix

If the Deep Diver certification is not enough for you, but you want to try the most challenging diving experience, the Deco Diver 40, deco Diver 47 and Deco Mix courses introduce you to decompression diving.

The Course

It is a transition course between recreational no-decompression courses and technical courses where you can extend your time and depth limits.

The main feature of these courses is that although they carry out more demanding dives than recreational ones, they do not require purely technical equipment but can be carried out using normal scuba equipment with specific precautions.

  • 47 meters deep qualification
  • deco enabling without time limits

This course is available on ISDA e-Learning.

You can access:

  • downloading ISDA e-learning APP
  • via browser, at

Your Instructor will give you the code to access your studying materials: manual, review quizzes, videos and insights (if part of the course).

4 open water dives

To dive in pairs with other certified Deco Diver 40 or higher grade divers and without supervision, in dives that may include decompression stops for a total time of no more than 15 minutes at a maximum depth of 40 meters (an emergency depth is provided in case of 42 meter error.
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