Mermaid diving attracts people from different groups for many different reasons, such as:

  • Because mermaid diving is easy to access and only requires basic equipment
  • It is open to almost everybody
  • You can enjoy it almost any place you can

  • Reasonably enjoy swimming or snorkeling
  • It is elegant and artistic
  • It is funny
  • It might become a lifestyle or even a job

In ISDA Sea Mermaid course, you’ll be introduced to special techniques and knowledge, including use of mermaid equipment, swimming techniques and creative arrangement.

In this course you’ll learn about equipment (tails and more), physics, physiology, swimming techniques and the basics of posing.

Wanna know more about the mith? Try advanced posing? Improve your techniques? Learn to mermaid in open water? Move up to the Mermaid Magic Course.

And how about making it a PRO-experience? Teach others how to unleash their inner mermaid.

If you’re a Divemaster or higher level of diving, or a free diving Instructor Assistant, becoming Mermaid Instructor os very easy – just like getting a new specialty instructor certification.

But even if you’re not a diver or a Freediver you can become a Mermaid Instructor too! Ask about ISDA program.