Make your passion into a profession and start the most beautiful work in the world with, at your side, a network of high-level professionals and the best teaching tools for your needs. Have you ever think of becoming a snorkeling guide?

Contact the diving center closest to you, or write directly to You will be part of the wonderful world of ISDA professionals and the sea will be your office.


Are mask and fins enough to snorkel? Indeed not. A certified Snorkeling Guide is able to organize a group, provide all the necessary assistance before, during and after the snorkelling experience and be a real point of reference in order to live a simple and safe experience.

The ISDA Snorkeling Guide knows the local regulations, knows how to prevent and solve any problems that Customers may have, knows the local fauna and flora and can thus point them out to customers and make the experience even more exciting.

Not only; in different regions all over the world, in order to work as a Snorkeling Guide it is necessary to have a certification issued by a recognized agency.