Digital photography, now so widespread that it has become pervasive (thanks also to smartphone cameras), until recently was not as widespread in diving.

The need for expensive cases and bulky lighting systems limited the practice of underwater photography to truly determined divers, willing to invest heavily in their passion.

The advent of sports cameras, more commonly called Action Cams, has changed the rules of the game.

Now we can buy in a single package an object smaller than a bar of soap already equipped, together with other accessories, of its waterproof case.

An object capable of shooting scenes with qualities simply unimaginable until a few years ago.

This has opened up new possibilities for our sporting passions.

The ISDA Action Cam course will take you with a few safe steps towards your goal: to invite home a bit of the underwater world in the most enjoyable way possible, for your passion but also to make everyone participate in your adventures. We will take you, in a few steps, to shoot and edit a short report of your dives, which can also be appreciated by those who were not with you.

Ask your ISDA Instructor on how to get the best out of your cam.