ISDA, International Scuba Diving Academy  
ISDA, International Scuba Diving Academy is a training agency that was born in Italy and operates around the world for the training of sports divers and professionals.

Wherever it operates, ISDA provides assurance of high standards, both for the quality of teaching materials and for the proposed standards, in compliance with European and world regulations.


ISDA has obtained quality UNITER and EUF certifications and has been recognized by the governments of Malta and Egypt, as well as having several close agreements with organizations, associations and private societies, operating in the fields of water safety, environmental protection, civil protection and rescue.

ISDA presents itself as a single reference point for diving instructors, offering educational programs in three different areas: SCUBA, TEK and FREE DIVING, with classes for everyone from children to beginners and professionals.

It also offers particularly in-depth, SPECIAL COURSES : Marine Biology (with an emphasis on the Mediterranean), Parasub (courses for the disabled), Civil Protection Diver and Underwater Archaeology.

For ISDA the sea is a precious commodity to be respected and to which everyone must be entitled. The projects are born with this in mind

CONTACTS: tel. +39-091-7219160 fax +39-091-6263694
CEO Mario Perricone Address: Via Libertà, 102 - 90143 Palermo ITALY